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Friday, October 11, 2013

Yes, folks, this cover was flagged as being obscene by Facebook.  They took it down and froze my account for 24 hours.  The same image is now all over cyberspace, and no one is saying 'boo' about it.  But someone cried foul, and Facebook jumped on me with both feet.

That doesn't seem fair.

Many people out there have come to my aid and have shared the original image on their own pages.  As far as I know, not a single other posting has caused any alarm or been flagged.  Someone simply decided to pick on my page.  Fancy that.

Tim Shay has started a petition.  Please check it out --

"Thanks for signing my petition, "Facebook: Protect artists and photographers from having images removed and accounts frozen out of 'spite', due to illegitimate reporting of "offensive images".." 

Can you help this petition win by asking your friends to sign too? It's easy to share with your friends on Facebook - just click here to share the petition on Facebook. "

Also -

I'd like to thank everyone for all of the support.  It means the world to me :)


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